Hi there!

An important new chapter in my life has begun. 
"What's that?", you ask, and
"You're in luck!", I respond. 
You see, that's the exact reason I'm writing all of this...
honestly, what are the odds?

If this chapter had a title, it would be


That's right, I'm ready to work with amazing clients
(I'm looking at you when I say that) and create something wonderful.
If you're not 100% clued up on where my journey has taken me these last few years, here's a quick recap:  Since my time at Matchbox Media, I have never strayed far from my love of creativity and design that matters... 
  • First, I joined the amazing team at SimonSays, where I spent the next almost 4 years focused on really honing my branding and print media skills.
  • Next, I was given the chance to carve out my own research and marketing department at Xtrida Group - tons of conceptual work, and managing our 4 subsidiary brands cemented marketing strategy for me in new ways over the last 2 years.
  • Finally, and in amongst all of this, I have worked alongside my wife in her incredible and growing company, The Paper Fox Studio. Together we've created some of my favourite brands and experiences to date. 
To paraphrase the Bee Gees: Words are all a person has, to take your heart away.
They, however, weren't designers! Check out some of my favourite projects from the last couple years:

Like what you see?

☕ We'll coffee.
🤝 We'll handshake.
🍻 We'll bond.
👔 We'll network. 
💼 We'll stick it to the Bee Gees some more.
This is as much of your time as I'm going to take up - I'm not going to send you any unexpected emails or anything like that, unless you... 
Sign up today and I'll infrequently pepper your
inbox with design-spice, salt bae style.
And trust me, I'll only ever send out something if I
truly believe it's going to make checking your emails
an even tastier experience, to continue kill the metaphor.

Thanks for reading this far down, I honestly appreciate the support and
would love to catch up with you sometime in the near future.

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